5 Pillars of Growth to Drive the SkinPro Brand Story Into 2015

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MIAMI, Aug. 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SkinPro illustrates its keys for success:

1) We will tell great stories that excite our customer. Since great brands are created around inspiration and innovation, SkinPro is constantly working hard to create irreverent and disruptive products in the otherwise monochromatic skin care industry. A great example of this is the recent launch of the Bellapulse, which is a complete microdermabrasion and exfoliation system comparable to L'Oreal's Clarisonic but at only a fraction of the price. This has quickly become a Best Seller on Amazon in its fragmented category.

2) Great companies always look beyond domestic sales for international growth opportunities. SkinPro sees tremendous opportunities overseas. Our recent entry in to the Thailand market illustrates this point. Our flagship Elite Serum eye treatment has become a market leader in Asia. We are excited about the launch of the new Elite Serum Rx (Extra Strength) in this market expected in early 2015. All metrics point up when selling our award-winning products in new territories.

3) SkinPro intends to enforce Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) throughout all sales channels. This includes our physician distribution network, brick and mortar retailers and online. We will be monitoring the pricing and service levels of our distribution partners carefully and will close wholesale accounts of those who do not hold MAP. This way all of our partners can enjoy the historically large margins associated with selling our complete line of SkinPro products. This is the only way to ensure sustainable organic sales growth targeted in the mid to high teen percentage range going forward.

4) We plan to enter in to lucrative licensing deals. As a company with immense intellectual property assets it is time that we leverage these in to a consistent and high margin revenue stream. SkinPro has been the cutting edge of skin care technology since 2009 and has recently entered in to a licensing deal with a partner in the UK. This deal allows us to leverage the power of not only our unique branding but our breakthrough skin care technologies, including our patent-pending cryogenic labeling process which we invented.

5) SkinPro culture is one of constant innovation and test marketing of new products and technologies. We routinely review the various sales strategies and amplify those that prove beneficial and edit the ones that simply do not back out for us on a net profit basis. Owing to our massive and loyal customer base, SkinPro created a special VIP program where we are able to pre-market new product concepts directly to members. The resulting customer feedback is what we use to determine if the new product technology will be eligible for a full rollout to our multi-channel distribution funnel.

SkinPro CEO Timothy Schmidt plans to host a webcast illustrating the 5 Pillars of Growth during Q3. Interested stakeholders are invited to contact us for the dial-in information. There will be a slide presentation available for industry analysts to view.

Visit SkinPro.com or call 1-800-575-2065 for more information.

Source:SkinPro International