Prancercise 2.0—She's Back!

The Prancercise lady is back.

A year and a half after Joanna Rohrback became a viral video star with her odd exercise program and an outfit that defies description, she's returned with a new Prancercise video (plus a DVD) called "Fitness with Passion."

"This video goes a step beyond my original video, exploring the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner, in a preferred environment, and even alongside preferred animals," said Rohrback.

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The new video is different from the original in three ways: 1) Rohrback has a partner this time, Victor Cutino of the Peaceful Ridge Rescue for horses, 2) she actually gets to Prancercise with real horses, 3) more money was used in the production (a drone provides aerials, spooking the horses at one point).

It actually looks like a pretty good workout.

Rohrback is selling the DVD on her website, which she describes as a "Director's Cut" of the YouTube video. It goes behind the scenes and includes bloopers.

Bloopers? Isn't the whole thing kinda' bloopery? I can't wait to see outtakes! Perhaps a blooper led to the warning posted at the beginning of the YouTube video telling viewers that Prancercising with real horses is "not a suggestion that anyone should try such an act, this could be a dangerous activity unless done with proper professional supervision and medical clearance, if necessary."

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I spoke to Rohrback last week about how she's weathered the last 18 months. "I am just fantastic," she told me. She has taken all the jokes in stride. Hey, she's making money off this. "I do events. I do wellness coaching and Prancercise coaching."

Prancersice | YouTube

Rohrback told me that 2013 was a whirlwind of appearances, including a John Mayer video (she did not get to meet the singer), a commercial for pistachios and guest spots on "Dr. Oz" and the "Steve Harvey" show, which airs on NBC, a unit of CNBC's parent company NBCUniversal. This year she's focused on the new video and DVD and trying to take the business to a new level.

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However, some things haven't changed. Rohrback still has a penchant for statement jewelry, big hair and extremely tight leggings. When asked about how she chose the outfit for the original video, which now tops 10 million hits on YouTube, Rohrback laughed. "I just took whatever I had in the house available. I wanted to look a bit more Hollywood."

In this new video, Rohrback does look ever so slightly more Hollywood, but there is also so much more to look at. Victor! The horses! The meadow! Rohrback hopes just watching "Fitness with Passion" will help people feel better.

"In its fulfillment, I have achieved my second biggest dream," she told me. "Moving with a horse, not on top of one!"

—By CNBC's Jane Wells