Chesapeake Chiropractic Clinic Announces Weight Loss Seminar

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Aug. 10, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Atlantic Chiropractic and Rehabilitation is pleased to announce a weight loss seminar on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 at 7:00pm. The seminar will focus on weight loss in terms of chiropractic health, as well as the impact of weight on other areas of health such as heart disease, diabetes, migraines, chronic pain, inflammation, and allergies.

Dr. Eric Santjer, DC, says he believes his practice's weight loss seminar will be beneficial not only to the people who are interested in losing weight, but also friends and family who will serve as their support group as they work to take off the pounds. He adds that extra pounds can cause both physical pain and emotional pain, and shedding weight takes a commitment that is aided by a strong support system.

Dr. Santjer says people are often surprised to discover the vital role nutrition plays in their overall health. He explains the point is not simply about keeping the pounds off, but also about providing the right ingredients for improved quality of life. "When you feel better, you're more inclined to be active and do things," said Dr. Santjer. He likens healthy living to one of Newton's laws of motion – bodies in motion, stay in motion.

"Food impacts weight. There's a mountain of evidence to support that. Unfortunately, many people look at the calories in a meal, sometimes the fats or carbohydrates, but they don't look beyond at the actual nutritional value of the foods they consume," warned Dr. Santjer.

On the subject of how food can help repair or alleviate certain health issues, Dr. Santjer says some foods are thought to trigger migraines. He adds that poor food choices also lead to fatigue, and some food intolerances causing swelling, itchiness, and other reactions.

What does the practice of chiropractic medicine have to do with nutrition? "A lot more than the average person realizes," said Dr. Santjer. He explains that the right combination of vegetables, fruits, proteins, and even good fats help the body operate liked the well-oiled machine it is. More importantly, though, Dr. Santjer maintains that his clinic focuses on overall wellness of the body and that includes healthy eating and a healthy weight.

The focus of the weight loss seminar about both losing weight and reducing pain. People who have issues with sleep quality, quality of life, general fatigue, and obesity are strongly encouraged to attend, as is anyone who suffers from migraine headaches, inflammation, diabetes, heart disease, or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Santjer encourages anyone interested in attending the weight loss seminar to RSVP before the night of the seminar as space is limited. The number to call to RSVP is 757-547-4325. Door prizes and refreshments are also part of the program.

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