20 years since first web sale; How the UK shops online

The world's first secure online purchase -- a $12.48 CD of "10 Summoner's Tales" by Sting – was carried out 20 years ago this Monday. Since then internet shopping has grown to a point where 95 percent of British shoppers part with their cash online.

The U.K. spent some £91 billion ($152 billion) onlinelast year according to Ofcom figures, with Britonsspending more per capita online than any other country in the world.

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One in four people in the U.K. shop online at least once a week according to an internet survey of 1,163 people by digital retailer Shop Direct. Books were the most common online purchase of those surveyed (64 percent), followed by clothes with 60 percent, music and electronic goods.

British shoppers still prefer to buy from the web via their PCs, but now one in five shop on a tablet and one in ten shop using mobile devices, Shop Direct said.

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"Twenty years ago, laptops and mobile phones were a rarity in most people's homes, social media was in its infancy and high speed internet access didn't exist," said group retail and strategy director at Shop Direct,Gareth Jones in a statement.

"Today's online shopping experience starts and ends with the customer. We have a wealth of data at our fingertips and use it to understand what customers are looking for and why they shop and respond the way they do," he said.