Matthew Schuler, The Voice Favorite Signs With NASTRAQ

CENTURY CITY, Calif., Aug. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NASTRAQ announced that in addition to distribution of his music on NASTRAQ, Matthew Schuler will be a NASTRAQ Ambassador helping to change the music industry. Schuler said, "I am grateful for the opportunity that The Voice gave me. However now that I am a recognized artist, I've found that the record labels and distribution companies end up making most of the money and not the artists. NASTRAQ brings equality to the industry; rewards the consumer for supporting the artist and the artist in-turn sees a more profitable outcome. Being an artist is our passion, but it is also our job. In comparison, what the industry does to the artist is no different than if a restaurant took 95% of the tips earned by the server because the restaurant is who gave the server the opportunity to earn the tips."

Jaco Booyens, Dawn Schuler, Kamil Grzych, Matthew Schuler and Sam Senev

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NASTRAQ is in negotiations with several record labels to release Schuler's original music. "The labels like all-encompassing deals that include merchandising, concerts, speeches and every aspect of what an artist can do to earn money. It takes someone like NASTRAQ and its legal and financial might to level the playing field between label and artist; select the right record label partner," said Jaco Booyens, Schuler's manager and CEO of AE Management.

In an article published in The Guardian (, the heading reads "The boom in digital streaming may generate profits for record labels and free content for consumers, but it spells disaster for today's artists across the creative industries."

Matthew Schuler, had all four judges turn their chairs in under 6 seconds; ( Adam Levine was standing on his chair and said he just had to have Schuler, CeeLo Green offered to teach Schuler how to own himself and not just be a part of a team, ‎Blake Shelton said if he gets Schuler his wife will be very happy "that can really be helping a guy out", but Christina Aguilera was who went to Schuler on stage to say "pick me" and won Schuler's heart.

‎While on The Voice, Schuler topped the iTunes charts multiple times and his rendition of Hallelujah sold over 100,000 units and hit Number 1 on iTunes according to Billboard magazine. ‎Schuler also participated in the Jamaican concert festival benefitting the Bustamante Children's hospital "Shaggy and Friends" performing alongside Sean Paul, Damien Marley, Neyo, and "Mr. Boombastic" Shaggy himself. Schuler and Shaggy released a rockin' reggae summer anthem "Lovin You" on iTunes three months ago.

Booyens who comes from the record label side recalled, "I remember a night in 2005 when I witnessed a country music artist win an award only to be in tears a couple hours later," stating, "I used to worry about how I would pay my electric bill, now I don't know how I will pay my label bill. She just received a quarterly statement from the label. That moment I realized something was wrong with the industry model, we need a platform that is more artist friendly."

"I had the incredible honor to spend time in the back of a limo talking to the legendary Ray Charles. Mr. Charles said that the time has come for someone to put the artist first, to develop a platform that will inspire artist to create and get their music heard, because the focus has moved away from the artist."

While several managers have refused to work with NASTRAQ because of NASTRAQ's openly stated exclusive allegiance to the artists (, Booyens said, "This is exactly what the industry needs, someone to lookout for the artist. We flew into Los Angeles for the NASTRAQ meeting and met Kamil Grzych to sign with NASTRAQ. Grzych introduced us to the Chairman of Global Private Funding, Sam Senev and it was instant synergy. Matthew, his mom Dawn, and I talked about what a blessing this experience has been." Booyens added, "NASTRAQ has a very unique ability and a nimble quality with which NASTRAQ can sign an agreement one day and the next day pull together a top venue, a band, live streaming and industry execs, all to promote the artist."

NASTRAQ even hosted a fan contest to have fans attend the performance. Fangirl Mary Del Mundo, Renie Kozikowski, Jackie Linnert and Ali Mitchell won and received calls personally from Schuler inviting them to Sayers Club in Hollywood. Invited were also his CAA Agent Jon Teiber, Allan Mills of Marshak Zachary, and Clint Culpepper- President Sony Screen Gems. Joey Baker, Events Coordinator and a Talent Scout for NASTRAQ said, "The boy brought the house down!"

Grzych said, "Sam and I are focused on equality. NASTRAQ is growing at a record pace and the true test is that last week; the subscription base grew by over 600% compared to the week prior." Senev added that, "With the launching of NASTRAQ Television and Theatrical division, and the ‎NASTRAQ Literary division, NASTRAQ is taking over distribution of all things creative. Our investors and I are seeing trending for high double digit returns and even three digit returns. We are not taking investments from just anyone. The expertise and market-share the investor brings to NASTRAQ is more valuable than the money."

‎"We only make money when the artist does," Kamil Grzych, Founder and President of NASTRAQ.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Kamil Grzych President, NASTRAQ c/o Global Business Incubation Center 1875 Century Park East 7th Floor Century City, CA 90067