Morinda Introduces AGE-Fighting Hydration and Protein Delivery Technology with Latest Product, TruAge Performance Rapid Fuel

PROVO, Utah, Aug. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morinda has released TrūAge Performance Rapid Fuel, an AGE-fighting hydration and protein supplement featuring a cutting-edge protein delivery technology.

Rapid Fuel is the only performance beverage that offers instant absorption of the highest quality protein with electrolytes, providing immediate energy and hydration without side effects. Most importantly, Rapid Fuel's exclusive blend is specifically designed to lower AGE (advanced glycation end-products) accumulation in the body.

Launched at Morinda's North American Business Summit event earlier this year, Rapid Fuel features a patented protein delivery system developed by highly-trained food scientists at Brigham Young University. These researchers used a chemical process called osmolality to exactly measure and match the proteins, vitamins and electrolytes in Rapid Fuel with the body's unique concentrations and specifications. This unique delivery system, allows the body to absorb nutrients quickly and manage AGEs effectively.

During physical activity, the body loses not only water, but sodium as well. Because consuming water alone can lead to an electrolyte imbalance, many performance beverages contain electrolytes that are designed to replace sodium and water. Many also contain carbohydrates, which replace energy and/or some sort of protein, typically whey, which can assist with repairing muscle.

Unfortunately, the majority of these beverages can cause nausea, gastric distress, bloating, and other uncomfortable side effects. Because Rapid Fuel is designed to exactly match and work synergistically with the body's own specifications, it is able to fuel individuals with protein, vitamins B6 and 12 for energy, and hydration with electrolytes during their workout without these side effects.

"Rapid Fuel really is a game changer and brand new approach to AGE management," Morinda Product manager, Kira Davis, said. "By providing the right kind of protein that is absorbed quickly into the body, Rapid Fuel disrupts AGE formation and our bodies are fueled in a more healthy way."

Included on the Cologne List, Rapid Fuel is safe for elite athletes and health-conscious individuals alike. Rapid fuel is currently used by several top athletes including professional boxers, surfers and extreme athletes across the globe.

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