How some are trying to make money off the NSA revelations

Balefire9 | iStock | Getty Images

Many Americans were outraged when the extent of the National Security Agency's spying capabilities were revealed. Others saw an opportunity to make some money.

The San Francisco Gate reports that some companies are using those revelations--as well as the recent news that Russian hackers have stockpiles 1.2 billion names and passwords—to advertise scrambling and encryption services.

ProtoMail and iDrive are two companies offering encryption services, but the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Peter Eckersley said that the notion that any company can completely prevent NSA spying is deluded.

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"There is absolutely some level of wishful thinking in any claim that a product is NSA-proof," he told the SFGate. "It varies from complete and utter fiction to just overconfidence."

Read the whole report at SFGate.