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The 5 most expensive states to own a car

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Shelling out

Drivers often hit with bad weather patterns also get hit with some of the worst fees to operate a car, a new report suggests.

The average driver in the United States pays $2,223 annually to keep a vehicle running, according to a report. But insurance premiums related to harsh weather patterns, among other factors, can push costs to some of their highest levels.

The study compiled yearly expenses for gasoline, insurance and repairs in 50 states and Washington, D.C. Despite the elevated costs, drivers in these states, and throughout the U.S., can take simple measures to keep costs down, said Stacy Jones, analyst at Bankrate.

"It's all about being proactive," Jones said.

Calling an insurance company to find discounts, fixing small mechanical problems before they become large, and carpooling, among other steps, can keep costs down for drivers in any state, she said.

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By Jacob Pramuk, Special to
Published 11 August 2014

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