CCTV Script 12/08/14

— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on August 12, Tuesday.

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Shares of companies looking to develop potential treatments for the Ebola virus rose overnight.

This after U.S. regulators fast-tracked one of the company's experimental drugs for use on humans to treat the Ebola virus.

Meanwhile The World Health Organization is convening a panel of medical ethicists this week to explore the use of experimental treatment to tackle the ongoing outbreak in West Africa.

CNBC's Meg Tirrell reports on the drugs taht are under development to figth the disease..

There's no cure for Ebola but several therapies are in the earliest stages of development from companies including Tekmira, BioCryst, Sarepta, and MAP pharmaceuticals.

After 2 American aid workers were treated with an experimental drug called Z-Mapp from matbiopharma a lot of ethical and medical question have been raised about the appropriate use of these drugs.

And the World Health Organization has convened a panel of medical ethicists to discuss the potential treatment of Ebola patients with experimental therapies. We should hear from them today in a news conference.

Additionally there are some vaccines in development. The U.S.' National Institute of Health is supporting work being done at GlaxoSmithKlineas well as Johnson and Johnson's Crucell unit and Profectus BioSciences.

Glaxo told me it's in discussions with regulators about starting the first phase of clinical trials later this year.

But experts say the fastest way to stop the Ebola spread is through different measures- Identifying all of the cases, isolating and caring for the patients and finding those they have come into contact with.. As well as communicating better in communities how the virus spreads.

The latest number from the World Health Organization showed that Ebola has affected a total of 1,779 people. In New Guinea, Liberia , Nigeria and Sierra Leone. And 961 people have died. The WHO has said this is that largest Ebola outbreak ever recorded. Back to you guys

Meantime, U.S. authorities have approved Liberia's request to send sample doses of an experimental drug to treat infected Liberian doctors.

The Z-Mapp drug is scheduled to be delieved to the West African country this week.

It has already been used to treat two U.S. aid workers and a Spanish priest infected by the deadly virus.

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