Content Critical Solutions Opens the Door to New Opportunities with Canon Solutions America

MELVILLE, N.Y., Aug. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canon Solutions America, Inc., a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc., today announced that Content Critical Solutions, a provider of technology solutions, business process outsourcing and production services, has installed an Océ® ColorStream® 3500 digital color printing system, part of the Océ ColorStream 3000 Series.

A leading provider of mission-critical business communications and services, Content Critical Solutions provides comprehensive custom solutions for transaction processing, including content management, compliance messaging, and reporting solutions. The Moonachie, NJ-based company also offers a wide array of professional services such as website marketing portals, customer retention programs, IT custom solutions, inventory management, digital document archives, mailing, warehousing, and database management.

With a client base consisting primarily of blue chip Fortune 500 companies from the financial, utility, government, and retail market segments, Content Critical Solutions specializes in creating seamless, end-to-end solutions securely and accurately. The company prides itself on delivering personalized, high-impact communications that help its customers enhance their business performance and improve their revenue stream. Each day, Content Critical Solutions creates and distributes millions of statements, confirmations, invoices, checks, and other important documents on behalf of its customers. Key to its success is an innovative technology platform and an array of print solutions, including offset, digital, and wide format.

The Perfect Fit

Intimately familiar with Content Critical Solutions and its business proposition, the company's Canon Solutions America sales representative strongly recommended the Océ ColorStream 3500 full-color digital inkjet press. Recognizing the magnitude of such an investment and what it would ultimately bring to Content Critical Solutions and its customers, Fred Van Alstyne, chief operations officer, and John Slaney, chief technology officer, wanted to make sure they did their proper due diligence. They attended the 2013 Inkjet Summit and performed side-by-side comparisons of the Océ ColorStream 3500 with competitive offerings. Ultimately, they discovered the Océ ColorStream 3500 digital color printing system was the perfect fit for their operation.

Highly flexible and versatile, the Océ ColorStream 3500 allows Content Critical Solutions to more easily print more than one color logo on a given document, a definite plus for its customers that offer co-branding opportunities to their clients. Another attractive feature was the system's ability to print full-color, eliminating the need for preprinted mastheads and letterheads, a key selling point for Content Critical Solutions' client base.

"The Océ ColorStream 3500 allowed us to take a lot of the monochrome work that was running on preprinted mastheads and shift that into a single point of manufacturing," said Slaney. "The way the system allows you to run full-color and the length of jobs you can run through the equipment really made it a viable solution for our business."

This capability allows Content Critical Solutions to help its clients eliminate waste. Should there be any changes in a customer's corporate branding, there is no longer an existing stock of preprinted mastheads which then would be obsolete.

It's that kind of innovative thinking that makes Content Critical Solutions a leading provider in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

"Content Critical Solutions is a remarkable company because it's always focused on the future," said Francis A. McMahon, vice president, Marketing, Production Print Solutions division of Canon Solutions America. "A lot of companies won't acquire a given technology until they have the work, but here you've got a company that is savvy enough to jump into the water and invest in the technology necessary to provide even better service to their existing customers, while bringing on new customers."

Partners in Growth

That approach to continually improving its offerings has helped Content Critical Solutions compete successfully in an industry dominated by bigger players. Another key component has been the company's careful balancing of a personalized approach to customer service with the increasing demand for automation in the document quality control and review process. The company relies on Océ PRISMA production®, along with Canon Solutions America's new Preprinted Forms Replacement Module, Océ TrueProof®, and InkControl to ensure it's delivering the most effective and efficient solutions to its customers.

Leaders of Content Critical Solutions are confident this latest acquisition will give the company a competitive advantage that will help it gain new customers and expand into new markets. Van Alstyne noted the importance of the company's decision to continue relying on its "key strategic partner," Canon Solutions America, to keep Content Critical Solutions up-to-date on new advances in print technology and to work closely with the innovative provider as it builds its business – by helping its customers build theirs.

"Canon Solutions America is a critical partner and a key to our success in the future," said Van Alstyne. "They've supported us and guided us and helped make sure we have the right resources available to solve issues, make decisions, and move our business forward."

About the Océ ColorStream 3000 Series

The Océ ColorStream 3000 Series is a series of high speed, high quality full-color inkjet printers with speeds up to 417 feet per minute for up to 1,818 letter images per minute, at up to 56 million letter impressions per month. Through its unique combination of productivity, efficiency and quality it simplifies and accelerates the transition from monochrome to full-color or even 5 or 6 colors. The Océ DigiDot multilevel dot modulation produces crisp details and smooth halftones with a perceived quality of 1200 dpi at full rated speed. It offers productivity and flexibility for high-speed color and monochrome production of transaction, TransPromo, direct mail, book and manual applications with the reliability, print quality and media range associated with the Océ DigiDot technology. The Océ ColorStream 3000 Series provides a modular offering in various single and twin configurations. The flexible Océ ColorStream 3000 Series system allows you to adapt the printing mode to match your pace of the transition to color.

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