Icahn sees 'major asset bubble,' touts activists

Carl Icahn
David Grogan | CNBC
Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn sees U.S. markets in a "major asset bubble," and he says the only solution is for activist investors like him to keep companies honest.

In a blog post, the head of Icahn Enterprises boasted of his performance and said inept CEOs and aggressive Federal Reserve policies are creating treacherous times for investors.

"There are numerous challenges we are facing today whether it be monetary policy, unemployment, income inequality, the list can go on and on… but the thing we have to remember is there is something we can do about it: Shareholders, the true owners of our companies, can demand that mediocre CEOs are held accountable and make it clear that they will be replaced if they are failing," Ichan said in a Tumblr post that appeared on Yahoo Finance.

Public perception that activist investors only take short-term positions in companies is untrue, he added, asserting that shareholder vigilance is essential to protect investors.

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"I believe that the kind of shareholder activism that IEP practices has been extremely successful because we seek to bring true corporate democracy to the companies we are involved with through exercising our rights as shareholders to hold CEOs accountable and change unproductive management that needs to be changed," he said. "I believe that America needs this to correct the economic course we are on and push back against the approaching storm clouds resulting from the many problems we face today, including a major asset bubble that continues to grow."

—By CNBC's Jeff Cox