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How to make a left-hander's life easier (or not)

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Fit for a southpaw

It's not always easy being in the minority, but left-handers have found ways to adapt in a world dominated by and built for right-handed people. But sometimes, companies do make versions of products for the roughly 10 percent of the population that primarily uses their left hand.

Wednesday is the 22nd annual International Left-Handers Day, but why can't every day be fit for southpaws? Paul McCartney has been playing a left-handed bass since the Beatles. Manny Pacquiao has "reinvented" boxing. But what's an everyday southpaw to do? Using scissors can be tough, but here's a handful of things made with the lefty in mind.

—By Robert Ferris, Special to CNBC
Posted 13 August 2014

Joey Celis | Moment | Getty Images