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CH4 measures your gas!

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Pass gas more than 13 times per day? That could be a problem, and one entrepreneur says he has the solution. CH4 is a fart-o-meter (yes, you read that right) worn like a pedometer in your back pocket or belt loop. It claims to keep tally when you break wind, and correlates the results with dietary choices—logged in an accompanying mobile app.

The creator, Rodrigo Narciso, said he created the campaign to gauge how much interest there is in the device, originally a master's degree project at New York University. Based on what he's seen, Narciso plans to try again if he doesn't get funded this round.

The campaign, which closes in May, raised $1,258 toward the $180,000 goal as of April 29. It only costs a cool $120 to get your own CH4 and live the gas-free lifestyle.

Source: Kickstarter