Fired or retired? VA punishments remain murky

Although the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs released a statement on July 29 stating that it was proposing to take disciplinary actions against six employees at facilities in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Fort Collins, Colorado, details of the punishment remain unclear.

CNBC first exposed problems at the two facilities, including manipulation of patient data and whistleblower retaliation, in a report a few months ago. The report focused on two Cheyenne VA officials: the director and chief of staff of the Cheyenne VA Medical Center, Cynthia McCormack, and the chief of the business office, Theresa Garduno.

VA spokeswoman Victoria Dillon told CNBC that Garduno retired from VA service on the same day the statement was released, July 29. The VA would not give further details about the retirement, and it is unclear whether she was one of the six employees disciplined, as none was named and only two were identified by title.

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Garduno did not immediately respond to calls for comment.

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The VA told CNBC that McCormack remains an active employee. Dillon did not provide further details about McCormack's or any other employees' admonishments, citing the Privacy Act of 1964.

"In the interest of employee privacy rights, VA can provide no more specific identifying information about adverse actions proposed against any individuals at this time," Dillon said.

—By CNBC's Dina Gusovsky.