Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (OTCQB: NSCT) Revenue Shows Spectacular Growth in Third Quarter 2014

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation (Cloud-MD) (OTCQB:NSCT) ( is pleased to announce 2014's third quarter revenue increase of 716.81% over last year's third quarter, marking the completion of the transition from development stage to commercial stage for its CipherShop Division. According to Cloud-MD, Inc. executives, sales for the third quarter of 2014 totaled $1,126,725, primarily derived from its Cloud-MD's CipherShop division which features their CipherLoc™ Polymorphic Key Progression Algorithmic Cipher Engine.

With the completion of its transition and strong, steady sales in its Cloud-MD's CipherShop division, Cloud-MD will now concentrate on its other divisions, Cloud-MD's Practice Management and EMR medical software, which is primed for high revenues in-line with our new MU2 certification.

Cloud-MD (OTCQB:NSCT) CEO, Michael DeLaGarza says, "We've met our goal of moving from a development stage company in 2013 with very strong sales in 2014. This goes far beyond proof of concept in demonstrating the demand for our high quality encryption and medical software. We expect consistent increases in sales for some time to come."

Our CipherShop™ division has completed Phase I commercial development of our CipherLoc™ Polymorphic Key Progression Algorithmic Cipher Engine.

The CipherLoc™ Cipher Engine is a mathematically provable method of securing data that's either in transit or at rest, effectively making that data unhackable resulting in significantly reduced risk from cyber-theft and financial losses for users.

CipherLoc™ is an entirely new approach to the problem of encryption. It is a revolutionary idea based on the information content in a message rather than the difficulty of the key. Using advanced set theory and information theory, CipherLoc™ does not rely exclusively on large keys and complicated obfuscation techniques. This makes the algorithm faster and requires less memory than other forms of encryption. Other ciphers are broken more easily as hardware gets faster because it is easier to check all possible keys in the cipher's known (published) key space. With CipherLoc™, attackers do not know the size of the key space as it varies dynamically and encryption speed increases as hardware gets faster making CipherLoc™ even safer as computers get faster. CipherLoc™ has many other features that foil hacking attacks which makes it the perfect data protection mechanism for sensitive commercial applications.

CipherShop™ provides commercial quality, advanced, digital security solutions that comply with governmental regulatory requirements, such as HIPAA and SOX and their CipherLoc product suite offers both an advanced Polymorphic Cipher Engine and a Polymorphic Hardware Engine. For further information about Cloud Medical Doctor Software Corporation go to or contact Mr. DeLaGarza at

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Source: Cloud-MD