Avani Activewear Launches Spring 2015 Line in Las Vegas

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif., Aug. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Avani Activewear is proud to announce that it has elected to launch its Spring 2015 fashion performance activewear line at the WWD MAGIC trade in Las Vegas on August 19th. Listed among the Top 5 Tradeshows as per Focus on Retail Fashion magazine, WWD MAGIC is an industry powerhouse for driving commerce.

"The activewear category continues to experience tremendous growth" said Tom Witthuhn who serves as CEO of Avani and also its parent company, Global Fashion Technologies, Inc . "The activewear consumer continues to embrace the casual and comfortable silhouettes that drive the active market. As the category grows the fashion element is exploding and we are very well positioned to take advantage of these strong market trends."

Willie Corso, Vice President of Operations adds, "We are excited to get Avani back in front of our core market, the thousands of authentic Sports Specialty Stores, Gyms and Studios that have done so well with Avani. Our Spring 15 lines boasts high performance product with great fashion looks that allows our customers to take us from the mat to the mall."

While not releasing sales numbers relative to specific brands Witthuhn indicated "The WWD MAGIC trade show is the jumping off point for Avani for the Spring 2015 selling season that will generate millions in volume for the company."

Avani is "Made in USA" and marketed nationally through department stores, sports specialty stores, gyms, studios and via the internet. Avani, which means "earth", features eco-focused, earth-friendly collections. Avani's sustainable business practices reflect its mission "to leave the earth a little more beautiful than we have found it".

Chris H Giordano, Premiere's Co Chairman stated, "We are excited by the potential the Avani line of active wear clothing possesses by virtue of it being distinctive. The ability for Avani to utilize high tech processing for cotton and give it properties that are proprietary to Avani is what will set out brand apart from the rest of the industry. "

We look forward to working with Tom Witthuhn in launching this extraordinary brand and will report back to our shareholders the progress that we make in the not too distant future.

CONTACT: Chris H Giordano President 973-291-8900 chris@premiereopportunities.com Thomas Witthuhn twitthuhn@avaniclothing.com 270-792-5105 Source:Global Fashion Technologies Group, Inc