Grows Membership 23% in One Month

BOSTON, Aug. 15, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --, the online boardroom recruitment destination for board members, prospective board members and corporations (public, private and non-profit), today announced it has experienced 23% growth in membership during the past month.

"The acceleration in our membership is the direct result of fulfilling a latent need in the market where directors can connect, network, and learn on a trusted social platform," said Mark Rogers, BoardProspects CEO. "While board members generally don't join business social networks, they are joining BoardProspects because it is uniquely and solely positioned for the boardroom community."

"What is particularly encouraging is the increase in membership from board members of Fortune 100 corporations," continued Rogers. BoardProspects now has more than 5,000 members and is the largest online community of current and aspiring corporate directors in the United States.

In the last six months, has released general availability of their production platform for the web and mobile, developed and released a new corporate governance learning platform, BoardU (See "An Introduction to Board Service" from directors at Microsoft and HP), and aggressively pursued a new membership campaign. The result has been more than 1,000 new members during the past month.

Erroll Davis, a board member with General Motors, is a member of BoardProspects and observer of board governance best practices. Davis believes that board recruitment shouldn't be a mystery. "The goal should always be to appoint directors who provide a unique perspective and set of skills which are going to move the company forward. BoardProspects distinguishes itself by being able to provide the opportunity to identify those individuals," says Davis.

About has raised $3.5M in initial seed and Series A funding, and is now preparing for a Series B to accelerate their growth. The company provides a platform where members can connect and share the latest information in boardroom and corporate governance news, education, best practices and board recruitment opportunities. For more information please visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

CONTACT: Media Contact: Mark Rogers, +1-617-285-1100Source:BoardProspects, Inc.