Lands' End shoppers, brace yourselves for more GQ


Attention Lands' End shoppers. Another blue light special may be coming to your mailbox.

After the catalog retailer sent out the July issue of GQ—racy cover and all—to some of its school uniform shoppers, CEO Edgar Huber sent out a second apology note on Thursday, saying the publication's August and some September issues are already in the mail for shoppers who qualified for the "customer bonus offer."

Lands' End customers who spent more than $100 from July 9 to July 16 qualified for the July GQ, which featured a topless model covered only with a white lei. That sparked a social media firestorm from angry moms, who said they would no longer shop with the retailer.

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In his second letter, Huber wrote that less than 7 percent of the magazine's September issues have been mailed.

Source: GQ | Twitter

"Our first priority is our customers," Huber said. "We have listened to your concerns and, as noted in our first letter, we are making every effort to halt distribution of all additional issues of the magazine."

Some people think the flub was being blown out of proportion.

"All the people that are so concerned with the cover of your magazine with the topless model, they tend to forget that no nudity was shown and that if their children were disturbed by the cover, they need to realize that their kids are more exposed by going to the public swimming pool, the television shows they watch and magazines that they read for entertainment," Chris Lassiter wrote on the retailer's Facebook page.

Kanye West on the cover of the August 2014 issue of GQ Magazine.
Source: GQ Magazine

Other customers were more upset with the fact that GQ had their information in the first place.

"Getting GQ isn't the issue, although it was quite a surprise. It is having my address given out without my permission. I have asked Land's end to make sure my name is taken off of any 'share' list permanently. And most definitely off of the most recent list it was given out to," Janna Sanders wrote.

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In Huber's initial note he said the company switched customers' subscriptions to Condé Nast Traveler. But "based on customer feedback, we have now removed all affected Lands' End School Uniform customers from that subscription as well."

"Lands' End School Uniform customers will not be automatically enrolled in any promotional magazine offers of this nature in the future," Huber wrote. Shoppers have the option to resubscribe for a year-long subscription to either magazine.

The August issue of GQ features rapper and Kim Kardashian hubby Kanye West. Representatives from Lands' End and GQ publisher Condé Nast did not immediately respond to requests as to who will be featured on the September issue.

The past two September issues featured professional football players: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was featured in September 2013, and former New York Jets quarterback and Florida Gator alum Tim Tebow was on the September 2012 issue.

By CNBC's Krystina Gustafson