MEDL Mobile Releases Beta of Hang w/ Web Platform

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif., Aug. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MEDL Mobile, Inc. (OTCBB:MEDL), a leading developer of mobile applications for the Apple iOS and Android platform and the developer of the patent-pending Hang w/ mobile live video broadcast technology and application, has announced the release of a beta version of that now enables users to experience a wide range of functionality of the Hang w/ platform also on their desktop and laptop computers. This update also enables users of tablets such as the Window Surface Tablet to enjoy the breadth of Hang w/ technology as well.

So far, Hang w/ has been available as a mobile app on the Apple iOS and Google Android mobile platform only. Based on the increasing demand from its users, Hang w/ has now developed a web based beta version of the Hang w/ application that will also allow the use of the Live Social Video Platform on desktops and laptop computers. This update makes the platform applicable to many different and new uses such as Interactive Group Meetings from desktop/laptop to desktops/laptops and mobile devices; and broadcasting to followers with higher quality video and audio.

The Web based features include:

  • Profiles
    • Displays user information and allows a viewer to browse their last 12 archives.
    • Ability to discover and follow users.
    • Watch archived video, read video chat, click through to chat users profiles.
  • Live now
    • Displays all users who are currently broadcasting. Videos instantly play as the user scrolls down the page.
    • Users can chat live during broadcasts from the web with broadcasters and other users on mobile.
  • Messages
    • Hang w/ user-to-user messaging architecture is in place - with in-platform messaging launching soon.
  • Export Video
    • The new platform allows users to export their Hang w/ videos for the purposes of editing and sharing on other platforms such as YouTube.
  • Share Broadcasts Socially
    • Users can share archived and live broadcasts via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and SMS.
  • Search via #hashtag
    • Content can be searched via #hashtag - increasing the discoverability of Hang w/ content.

The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe. And now also on your desktop.

"As mobile evangelists, we have always believed in mobile first," said Andrew Maltin, CEO of MEDL and Hang w/. "With the recent release of Hang w/ 3.0, we are truly leveraging the power of mobile as a live broadcasting tool. Yet our vision for Hang w/ is to be available universally across devices and platforms. This new release of Hang w/ for the web will enable millions more people around the world to access the platform. We are also taking advantage of the larger screen size to enhance certain aspects of the platform - such as the ability to easily discover new and relevant content."

"The web platform also makes Hang w/ video content searchable on Google," added Dave Swartz, President and CCO of MEDL and Hang w/. "Google has already indexed more than 50,000 of our user profiles. This is especially relevant because searches for celebrities on Google can now return Hang w/ profile and archived video results and expand the Hang w/ reach considerably."

The current usage trend for mobile devices clearly runs in our favor and with our web based release, we now address the usage pattern for mobile and desktop at the same time, giving users the ultimate choice for broadcasting and viewing content. According to eMarketer, in 2013, the average US Adult spent 2:21 minutes on mobile devices for activities other than phone calls. The average US Adult spent an additional 2:19 minutes online on desktop and laptop computers.

The Hang w/ platform is free for all users. It has attracted hundreds of actors, athletes, musicians and brands including 50 Cent, Ali Landry, Cheech and Chong, Claudia Jordan, Coco Crisp, Jamie Kennedy, Josh Reddick, Julius Thomas, Kaskade, Larry the Cable Guy, Lucy Hale, Mike Metzger, Soulja Boy, Tony Orlando, Terrell Owens, Timbaland, UFC and Ultimate Poker.

You can learn more and utilize the full set of live broadcasting features at

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MEDL Mobile, Inc. is a mobile industry pioneer that has architected, created, developed, marketed and monetized hundreds of mobile apps for the Apple iOS and Google Android platform and driven more than 22 million downloads, many of them reaching the top ten in the Apple store. MEDL has led mobile strategy, ideation, development, marketing and monetization in areas diverse as entertainment, telecom, medicine, education and retail - for such prestigious clients as, Experian, Hyundai, Kaiser Permanente, Medtronic,, The New York Times Company, Taco Bell, and Telefonica. The Company has entered into partnerships to mobilize and monetize IP with such notable names as Cheech & Chong, Encyclopedia Britannica, Marlee Matlin, Media Rights Capital and Real Madrid.

MEDL has incubated, developed and brought to market the revolutionary, patent-pending Hang w/ app over a period of nearly two years. The Hang w/ app connects people through live-streaming video and simultaneous chat, allowing anyone with an iPhone, iPad or Android device to broadcast live to dozens, hundreds or even millions of viewers around the globe. Learn more at or

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