Whether Recreational or Medicinal, Only The Finest Marijuana Will Do

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Early stage industries always provide a myriad of conundrums for investors. Which companies to buy? Which will survive? What areas will display the most compelling and consistent growth? In the recreational and medical cannabis space, all of these questions are germane. There are, however, early stage companies and prospects appearing that warrant investor interest.

As with any health related compound, the purest of ingredients should be the minimum standard: And so it should be with cannabis, particularly that used for the development of drugs and therapies. Investors should accept from the outset that the key to achieving this standard is not merely in successful mass cultivation, but in the science of that cultivation. Obviously, this standard should and must also pertain to recreational cannabis quality as more US states legalize its use.

"From the outset, Vodis Pharmaceuticals (CNSX:VP) (FSE:1JV) has already established itself as a producer of the highest quality cannabis," stated Otto Folprecht, CEO. "As noted in our recent announcement detailing our arrangement with Pacific Pharmaceuticals to develop cannabis therapies, this Joint Venture further validates the importance of purity and consistency of specific strains as demonstrated by our multiple award winning products."

Vodis is taking a unique approach. First and foremost, quality and consistency is its hallmark. Second, it is moving into both the medical and recreational realms. The Company is waiting for final inspection by Health Canada to secure a license for its 12,000 square foot Canadian facility as well as in the early stages of building a 25,000 commercial production site in Washington State. As more states legalize recreational marijuana and the pharmaceutical market develops efficacious therapies as an alternative to the toxicity of Big Pharma drugs and devoid of nasty side effects, Vodis is firmly on both sides of that exceptional growth equation.

Vodis' 25 award winning strains currently fall into three categories:

  • Indica: integral for pain relief including from arthritis, MS and Fibromyalgia. As well, relief from Chemo side effects, insomnia, epilepsy and migraines.
  • Sativa: For depression, migraines. A slightly milder version for afflictions addressed by Indica
  • Hybrid: Pain relief as Indica without drowsiness. Considered 'super' strains and will have use in both medical and recreational applications.

Pacific Therapeutics will use extracts from Vodis' high quality marijuana strains to develop therapies in line with its mandate to reformulate approved drugs to increase efficacy and patient compliance, while reducing side effects. Current applications address fibrosis as well as erectile dysfunction; both high margin, high growth fields. In addition to the $1.1 billion Pulmonary Fibrosis market opportunity, Pacific's PTL-202 may be effective as a treatment for Liver Cirrhosis a $1.56 billion global market opportunity in 2010, that is expected to grow to $2.03 billion by 2017 (Global Data, Feb, 2011).

In an August 8th Press Release, Pacific's CEO Doug Unwin states: "If the growth of the medical use of marijuana is to develop, physicians need therapeutics that they can trust to deliver consistent doses of cannabinoids to their patients. We are very excited to enter into this agreement and to begin the development of these in demand therapeutics using specific strains of cannabis developed by Vodis."

Therapeutic delivery methods will also be developed such as a transdermal patch to ensure consistent and measured dosages. This approach is particularly important not only as an alternative delivery system, but critical when dealing with therapies for children.

Extracting the appropriate Cannabinoids (CBD) takes a significant amount of cannabis 'feed stock' for the more than 100 that have been identified so far. For that reason, the best cannabis pharma companies will seek out and engage those suppliers that can deliver the purity and consistency. Unlike a lot of peers in the space, Vodis has been laser focused on delivering, arguably, the industry's finest cannabis.

Investors need also note that Vodis' management has an impressive provenance. CEO Folprecht has held positions such as LC developer for Siemens, Chief Information officer at TI Industries, Business Architect at Golden Boy Foods LP, VP at Sumvin Bioscience where he was recruited to run distribution strategy for North America and was COO for Albi Naturals Inc; one of the oldest brands in dietary supplements with over 150 products.

President Ivan Millovski brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about the growth and production of medical grade marijuana. He was the Chief Operations Officer at Canadian Cannabis Research and Technologies and the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder at Vancouver Independent Producers (now Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals). He has introduced improved methods and processes that are now standards within the industry.

Obviously, Vodis will be looking to secure other Joint Ventures to expand its distribution. As well, it is constantly applying best practices to ensure it maintains a leadership role in the development and production of the highest quality product. There is no room for anything less when the health, welfare and treatment of patients are the primary goals.

Within the recreational market, another plank in the Company's revenue profile, it will make available cannabis also of the highest quality in concert with the best distribution partners.

President Ivan Millovski states: "Vodis Innovative Pharmaceuticals has an ambitious plan to grow the company over 4 years to a totals sales volume of approx. $100M Canadian dollars on an annual basis by the end of 2016."

Vodis trades at $0.39 under the symbol VP on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

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