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Google's biggest product hits and misses

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Google's biggest product hits and misses

From a network of Internet-providing balloons to self-driving cars, Google's initiatives have garnered a reputation for huge scope and ambition. A company doesn't carve a spot among the world's most-ambitious businesses, however, without some failed ventures along the way.

"The way that Google approaches innovation necessitates failure," said Scott Strawn, analyst at IDC. "You're going to end up failing in some respects. But you have to do an effective job of managing that failure."

In the 10 years since its initial public offering, Google has rolled out a varied catalog of software and hardware. The company's initiatives have led to some of the most widely adopted and used technology on the planet.

"It's the ability to identify and expand products that are compelling to the mass market," said Frank Gillett, analyst at Forrester Research.

But the results have not always matched the company's grand ambition. Click through to check out some of Google's most—and least—successful products.

By Jacob Pramuk, special to
Posted 18 Aug. 2014

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