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Why Samsung could dominate Apple and Google in the smart home

Why Samsung could dominate in the smart home
Why Samsung could dominate in the smart home

Samsung could have a leg up on Apple and Google in the home thanks to its existing line of appliances and recent acquisitions.

Last week, Samsung acquired , and this week, it acquired .

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Those acquisitions follow Google's Nest buy, which adds smart thermostat technology, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to the tech giant's offerings, as well as several acquisitions by Apple, including its purchase of HomeKit technology to help users control their connected home devices.

Samsung spokesperson displays the connectivity feature on a Samsung smart refrigerator at the 2014 International CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
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But what sets Samsung apart is that it hasn't had to rely so much on buying its way into the market for smart home devices, according to Jon Swartz, USA Today San Francisco Bureau Chief.

"Samsung really is a consumer electronics giant that really does everything... Don't think of Samsung as a cellphone company. That's just part of what they do," Swartz said.

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"Apple and Google are coming at it from a totally different viewpoint. Apple and Google already have the phones and the laptops within everyone's home," Swartz said. "What they don't have are the TV sets or the microwaves and dishwashers that are under their brand name," Swartz noted.

—By CNBC's Althea Chang