Photo Release -- REACH Air Medical Services Announces Planned Acquisition of Emergency Airlift Service Lines and Assets - North Bend, OR

SANTA ROSA, Calif., Aug. 20, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- REACH Air Medical Services announces the planned acquisition of the Emergency Airlift (EAL) service lines and assets. Emergency Airlift air ambulance is based in North Bend, Oregon and has been providing critical care services to the central and southern regions of Oregon for 10 years using both helicopters and airplanes to transport thousands of ill or injured patients to advanced medical care.

REACH Air Medical Services, Cal-Ore Life Flight, and AirLink CCT will provide emergency air transports to customers in Oregon.

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REACH, along with its partners Cal-Ore Life Flight, based in Brookings, OR, and AirLink Critical Care Transport (CCT), an air medical transport provider with a 29 year history of transporting ill or injured patients from its two bases in Bend, OR will be serving the Coos Bay, Roseburg and Klamath Falls regions and beyond.

"REACH is excited to have the opportunity to be part of the continued efforts to serve the communities that EAL has delivered care to for the last decade. Our goal is to transition smoothly in a manner that does not interrupt service to the area, while enhancing the medical transport capabilities provided to these communities," says REACH/Cal-Ore President, Sean Russell. "Through our partnerships, we have assembled a highly capable group of air providers to serve the region in a very collaborative way. Between Cal-Ore Life Flight, AirLink CCT and REACH, we will deploy expanded services, capabilities and resources to meet the needs of health care providers, pre-hospital personnel and ultimately, the patients, in a high quality manner."

"I have been fortunate to serve the people of southern Oregon in the transport of critically ill and injured patients through the inception of EAL. The excellent, dedicated staff, from pilots and mechanics to clinicians, has made me proud to be in this industry," says Ed Langerveld, Chief Executive Officer of EAL. "I am pleased to know I am passing the torch to such high quality providers who have a well-established history of serving Oregon. REACH, Cal-Ore and AirLink CCT will create a network of service to this area and further develop what we have started."

Rob Hamilton, Chief Operating Officer of Med-Trans stated, "AirLink CCT has done a tremendous job serving the region and providing critical care and safe air medical transports to patients when time is of the essence. We are pleased to be expanding the AirLink CCT services in a more consistent capacity to Klamath Falls and the surrounding area, providing indispensable air medical services 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

Service to these current bases will be accomplished through medically configured airplanes and helicopters equipped to fly in inclement weather. Flight medics, respiratory therapists and nurses will provide an ICU level of care during each transport.

REACH invests in its customers through safety and clinical education training for emergency and hospital personnel throughout its footprint, sharing of clinical data and knowledge, and a robust customer service response program aimed at continuous improvement of service.

About REACH Air Medical Services and Cal-Ore Life Flight

REACH Medical Holdings, LLC, headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, operates REACH Air Medical Services and Cal-Ore Life Flight providing critical care air and ground transport service to communities throughout California, Oregon and Southern Texas. In 2011 Cal-Ore Life Flight, headquartered in Brookings, OR, merged with REACH to provide expanded air ambulance services in Northern California and Oregon. REACH has provided safe, patient-centered care for more than 27 years and successfully transported more than 90,000 patients to needed care. REACH and Cal-Ore employ hundreds of highly-trained nurses, medics, pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians to provide service to patients utilizing a fleet of 18 medically equipped helicopters, eight airplanes, and nine ground ambulances. REACH and Cal-Ore Life Flight are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Services (CAMTS), which is the gold standard for patient care and safety for air medical transport services. For more information, visit and

About AirLink CCT

AirLink CCT has roots in central Oregon dating back to 1985. This long-term commitment to clinical excellence has resulted in highly experienced providers with strong ties to the communities they serve. AirLink led the way with innovations including CAMTS accreditation, one of the first membership programs in the country, and clinical innovations such as video laryngoscopy and point of care lab testing in flight. Operated by St Charles Hospital since its inception, AirLink CCT joined the Med-Trans organization in 2012. For more information, visit

About Med-Trans Corp.

Med-Trans Corporation, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a leading provider of air ambulance programs throughout the United States, which includes AirLink CCT. A proven solution to their partners, Med-Trans offers an array of customized air medical program designs including hybrid models, community based models or traditional hospital-based models. The company's extensive fleet rapidly delivers teams of highly trained professionals to patients, striving to provide the patient with the best possible outcome. For more information, visit

About AirMedCare Network

REACH Air Medical Services, Cal-Ore Life Flight, AirLink CCT and Med-Trans Corp are all part of the AirMedCare Network. AirMedCare Network is America's largest air medical transport membership network, providing emergency access for the highest level of care for its 1.4 million members. The AirMedCare Network combines the membership programs of many leading air ambulance operators in 27 states from more than 200 air transport locations. For more information about membership, visit

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