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Unusual American restaurants

The Airplane Restaurant

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Theme: Aviation

Established in May 2002 by owner Steve Kanatzar, The Airplane Restaurant transforms a 1953 Air Force plane into a place to dine. So strap yourself into a seat on this Boeing KC-97 tanker, where waiters dressed as flight attendants will serve you such dishes as "Flying Chicken Florentine" and "Air Tower Nachos."

The actual airplane itself seats 42, and an attached restaurant holds 275 other people. If you're not lucky enough to dine inside the aircraft, don't worry. Its engine and one of its wings are in the restaurant, decorated with over 100 photos and memorabilia from the long history of American aviation. The restaurant is 15 miles southeast of the Air Force Academy.

Steve Kanatzar - Owner | The Airplane Restaurant