Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company, Debuts Interactive Virtual Care Team(TM), a Revolutionary, All-in-One Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Platform Enabling Truly-Coordinated Care

GEORGETOWN, Texas, Aug. 21, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today, Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS Company, announced that Interactive Virtual Care Team™ (IVC Team™), an incredibly flexible, rapidly deployable, and massively scalable next-generation population health management suite of applications, is now available. The launch marks the first time in healthcare history that a patient-centric mobile personal health record (mPHR) combining comprehensive telehealth, remote patient monitoring (RPM), medication management, clinical decision support system (CDSS) and semantic interoperability engine solutions are available within a single platform, capable of connecting data sources (e.g., electronic health records (EHRs) and health information exchanges (HIEs)) and enabling patient data flow across the entire care continuum. With the advent of the IVC Team solution, healthcare organizations of all kinds can benefit from healthcare IT efficiencies, streamlined, 24/7 management of at-risk patients, and better clinical and economic outcomes for population health initiatives, care referrals and transitions, and clinical trials or studies.

From the beginning of its development, the IVC Team platform was designed to put patients at the center of care—and the care decision-making and delivery processes—by enabling healthcare providers to deliver timely, personalized, efficient care across the care continuum, while at the same time empowering patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare. The IVC Team solution was developed to maximize clinical workflow efficiencies, so patient information, e.g., vital sign data, is collected through a simple and powerful mobile application (available on iOS and Android) via a broad range of Bluetooth-enabled devices and is automatically uploaded to 'the cloud' to be available across connected EHRs and HIEs on a real-time basis.

Provider, payer, operator and sponsor organizations using the IVC Team platform can potentially spot changes in patient status or condition before they result in unnecessary acute care utilizations, hospital readmissions, adverse events or other episodes of costly and preventable healthcare expenditures. Clinicians monitoring patient status are alerted in real-time to act, based on customizable patient data range settings, which can be configured at both the population and individual patient levels. Clinicians now have the power to intervene earlier and faster, armed with real-time data to drive better diagnosis, decision making, triage and treatment, e.g., by initiating a phone call or a Video Visit to engage with patients directly and to provide education or interventions with screen- and picture-sharing and white-board tools. As a result, care teams can more efficiently and proactively manage changes in condition, monitor medication adherence, impact patient engagement, and intervene on a timelier basis. And because of the next-generation level of backend HIT system connectivity that the IVC Team platform can provide, data can truly follow the patient and is made available in real-time to care teams as patients transition across care settings, which supports robust reporting and analytics—suggestive, predictive and prescriptive—and actual population health management and truly coordinated care.

According to Maryann Choi, MD, MPH, MS, CMD, "The reality and practice of telemedicine is changing. Phone calls, video conferencing and setting-dependent approaches alone have proven ineffective for identifying and managing patients at risk because they fail to put the patient truly at the center of care." Working directly with providers, the patient experience was re-imagined by leveraging the pervasiveness of smart, mobile technologies; tools for education, empowerment and engagement; intelligent, data analytics, plus patient data availability across the care continuum—for and unprecedented, holistic view of patients. Dr. Choi summarizes, "Education is a key difference for keeping patients home longer, safer, and with a sense of control over their lives. Patient engagement will make or break new care delivery models for population health management under healthcare reform, and IVC Team empowers providers to manage and measure it."

The IVC Team suite of products takes LG CNS' partners, customers and clients one step closer to healthcare's overarching goal of seamless care coordination and a single, comprehensive care plan. It is also a solution set that supports Meaningful Use attestation on multiple levels and across multiple stages, e.g., helping to support patient-specific education resources, eVisits, chronic care self-management programs and condition-specific self-management tools. Finally, it is a concept that provides the basis for a truly integrated care delivery network, connecting payers, providers, caregivers, patients and their families across care settings, from rural and community-based health programs, to home care, hospice, rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, to affiliated practices and regional clinics, to multi-hospital systems, integrated delivery networks (IDNs), to the value-based accountable care organizations (ACOs), and patient-centered medical homes (PCMHs).

Collain Healthcare is launching the Interactive Virtual Care Team suite of products immediately. Collain Healthcare and LG CNS will showcase their Healthcare Solutions portfolio at AHCA/NCAL, October 5-8, in Washington DC; at NAHC, October 19-22, in Phoenix, AZ; and at Leading Age, October 19-22, in Nashville, TN.

About Collain Healthcare

Collain Healthcare, an LG CNS company, is headquartered in Georgetown, TX, and is the exclusive U.S. commercialization entity of LG CNS Healthcare Solutions. Collain's leadership team is comprised of clinicians and experts with deep knowledge across the continuum of care. Collain Healthcare delivers state-of-the-art, smart technology with patient-centered digital health solutions for the global healthcare industry and in alignment with the Triple Aim. Clients benefit from the most advanced health information technology platform created from the ground up with real end-users, following the passage of ACA and focusing on the future of healthcare. LG CNS' Healthcare Solutions portfolio of products includes mHealth, telehealth, remote patient monitoring, Electronic Health Record (EHR), point-of-care, population health management, big data and predictive analytics, implementation, integration, and interoperability solutions and services to move healthcare ecosystem leaders forward. For more information, call 888-501-4118 or visit

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