A smart baby monitor that goes a step further

Wearable tech seems to be the trend these days so it comes as no surprise that another high-tech device is aimed at helping new parents track their infant's health and daily activity.

Sproutling is a wearable ankle band baby monitor that focuses on more than just data. It uses a smart sensor to detect heart rate, body temperature, motion and position. It then communicates with the mobile app via Bluetooth to let the user know if the baby is sound asleep or if there are any complications, said Mathew Spolin, co-founder and CTO of the company that created the device.

Sproutling | YouTube

Spolin also noted that the mobile app will be available around the same time the device begins shipping to buyers in 2015 and will first be available for iOS devices and then Android devices.

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The device comes with a smart charger bowl and has the ability to monitor the baby's environment. The charger, like the wearable band, uses smart sensors to track room temperature, sounds and light levels. By just placing the wearable ankle band on top of the charging bowl, the band can be wirelessly charged in two hours and can last up to three days.

Sproutling will retail for $299 after its preorder period but it will still have to compete with other less expensive smart baby monitors such as the Owlet and Mimo.

—CNBC's Erika Santoro