Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic Welcomes Additional Practitioner

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Charlotte chiropractic clinic is announcing the addition of an additional chiropractor to its team of practitioners. Dr. Katherine McCarty, DC has joined Omni Wellness Clinic. She joins two other chiropractors, a licensed medical esthetician, family nurse practitioner, and licensed massage therapist. "We are very happy and proud to have Dr. McCarty with us," said Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner, DC. "Her approach toward holistic healing techniques, extensive skills and training, and personal experience as an athlete will enable her to provide a high level of chiropractic care."

Dr. Darcey Walraven Ladner describes holistic healing a philosophy in which the practitioner views the patient as a whole person, prescribing healthy lifestyle changes in addition to a wide range of specific treatment modalities. She explains that Dr. McCarty's deep understanding of the body's intricate functional relationships stems in part from the chiropractor's own athletic background. The chiropractor had an early enthusiasm for soccer, martial arts, track and swimming during her childhood in Ohio. As an adult, she has continued to maintain a highly active lifestyle as an open water swimmer, triathlete, and marathon runner. "Dr. McCarty's own quest for optimal health and wellness, and her knowledge of the human body's capabilities and challenges, directly inform her ability to diagnose, care for and relate to her patients," said Dr. Darcey.

Dr. McCarty holds a degree in literature from Miami University, and she holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University. She states that her education and training included a particular focus on spinal disc disorders, including an internship at an Atlanta, Georgia facility that specializes in these issues. She credits an additional period of internship in Sweden with greatly expanding her knowledge and understanding of chiropractic philosophy and skills.

Dr. Darcey points out that in addition to traditional manual techniques of chiropractic adjustment, Dr. McCarty also has considerable training in the Cox technique. "The Cox technique is a form of spinal decompression that uses the principle of flexion-distraction to relieve spinal pain, nerve pressure and disc herniation," explained the practitioner. In this technique, she added, the patient lies on an adjustable table while the chiropractor makes small, precise adjustments on one spinal segment at a time. This process has been used to relieve back, neck, arm, leg, and pelvic pain.

The clinic encourages patients who have not yet been introduced to Dr. McCarty to meet the new addition to the team. "We are confident that current and future patients alike will respond to Dr. McCarty's compassion, clinical skills, and ability to improve their quality of life," said Dr. Darcey.

Omni Wellness Center and its companion facility, Omni Animal Chiropractic, provide chiropractic adjustment, massage therapy, acupuncture, weight loss, orthotics, laser therapy, and nutrition counseling for both people and animals in the Charlotte area.

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