Expert Hurricane Preparation Tips for Pets from Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor

PALM HARBOR, Fla., Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A local veterinarian is offering hurricane readiness advice to keep pets safe during a natural disaster. Local veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy and his staff at Animal & Bird Medical Center say they are actively reminding local residents of important hurricane tips for pet safety to keep more animals alive during the next evacuation.

Palm Harbor veterinarian Dr. Joel Murphy is advising local pet owners that making plans to keep pets hurricane safe can help their whole family stay safe. The veterinarian said, "When disaster strikes, pets may run and hide in fear. Knowing pets are secure during an evacuation will help keep the family, especially kids, calm. Family members will want to run around looking for their pets -- delaying evacuation."

Dr. Murphy says that as veterinarians and animal lovers, his staff wants to do its part for the community. He recommends all pet owners consider a handful of essential tips for pet safety to keep their animals safe during and after the next major storm.

First, the veterinarian says, pet owners should scout evacuation shelters that permit pets. He warns that not all evacuation sites will accept pets, so pet owners should find out options in advance. Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor is one location that does offer hurricane shelter for pets.

Dr. Murphy also says owners should prepare the pet carrier, labeling it with the pet's name, breed, sex, date of birth, current address/contact number, and any important medical information. He says carriers are required at most pet shelters and provide comfortable, familiar space for nervous pets.

Pet owners are also advised to pack a one-week supply of food and water that includes 8 ounces of bottled water per day for 10-pound animals and at least 24 ounces a day for larger pets. Dr. Murphy emphasized, "Pet prescriptions are also essential during a hurricane evacuation. I always remind pet owners to keep a 2-week emergency supply of important medication on hand when possible. During a storm, it helps if the medications are labeled with identifying information and the medication schedule." Pet owners should also have proof of current vaccinations on hand.

Finally, says the veterinarian, pet owner should bring slip leashes. He says that made of nylon webbing, these leashes prevent frightened dogs from slipping out of collars, and can even be used to control a cat if necessary.

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