Groton Chiropractor Uses Alkalized Water to Help Patients Heal

GROTON, Conn., Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Dr. Joseph Mascaro, DC of Advanced Back and Neck Care Center in Groton has discovered the benefits of drinking alkaline water. The chiropractor says he became a believer after trying a technology out of Japan called Kangen Water, a water alkalinizer that he says can impact an individual's overall health.

72 percent of an individual's body is composed of water, and that water provides an essential medium for the transfer of electrical nerve signals, blood cells, lymph cells, and other substances. "Water is what makes the body work. That's why if we develop problems with our internal water supply, we can quickly develop dehydration causing various health problems which can include cerebral edema, seizures, low blood volume, kidney failure, coma, and death," Dr. Mascaro explained.

Dr. Mascaro says regular water consumption not only prevents these problems but also allows the body to flush potentially dangerous toxins and inflammatory substances out of tissues and organs.

"Ordinary drinking water contains molecules that are actually too large to fit easily into a cell's aquaporin, the small opening in the cell membrane that accepts water," the chiropractor emphasized. Dr. Mascaro adds that the natural positive charge of cells tends to drop with age, a condition that can open the door to chronic diseases. The key to making water more bioavailable, he says, is to free one of the hydrogen atoms from each water molecule, a process called ionization.

The clinic has adopted the Kangen Water system as a means of accomplishing this purpose. According to Dr. Mascaro, the system filters water through a series of electrified plates, which increases the pH of the water while also reducing the size of the molecules so that they can enter cell membranes more readily. This process alkalinizes regular tap water and turns it into a power anti-oxidizing agent. "The freed hydrogen molecule is a more effective anti-oxidant than anything you can eat or drink. And antioxidants are a key factor in preventing or fighting cancer, diabetes, and debilitating inflammatory diseases like fibromyalgia, arthritis, and irritable bowel syndrome," stated the chiropractor.

Dr. Mascaro encourages the public to contact Advanced Back & Neck Care to learn more about the value of Kangen Water. As a part of the practice's ongoing wellness efforts, he offers free monthly workshops to demonstrate the alkaline water's effects.

In addition to Kangen Water, Advanced Back & Neck Care Center provides chiropractic adjustment, spinal screenings, nutritional counseling, corrective exercises, the Ideal Protein weight loss method, and other forms of natural care to Groton residents.

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