Pet Grooming Keeps Pets Cool in the Heat

JACKSONVILLE, N.C., Aug. 24, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet grooming offers many important benefits for dogs and cats, including reducing the risk for heat exhaustion. Trimming longer haired pets helps them stay cooler and reduces the risk for overheating, says Jacksonville veterinarian Dr. David H. Altman of Animal Hospital of Onslow County. In addition to helping pets stay cool in the hot summer months, regular professional grooming also keeps pets' fur clean. Dirty, matted fur can quickly become a breeding ground for fleas and makes it more difficult to identify ticks. Dr. Altman recommends regular baths to keep pets clean and reduce the risk for fleas and ticks.

With North Carolina summer temperatures hitting the upper 80s and low 90s, the veterinary care team at the Animal Hospital of Onslow County is reminding pet owners about the health benefits of summer grooming.

"A summer trim is one of the best ways to help long-haired pets beat the heat," said Jacksonville veterinarian Dr. David H. Altman. "We recommend that long-haired pets receive a professional coat trim when temperatures increase."

A professional grooming helps long haired pets stay cool. Dr. Altman recommends professional grooming since pet owners who trim their pets' fur at home can sometime over-trim, which leaves a pet's skin vulnerable to sun burn. Professional groomers are also experienced at helping nervous or anxious pets relax and enjoying the grooming process, reducing the risk for accidental cuts.

In addition to helping pets stay cooler during hot summer months, professional grooming also helps to combat fleas and ticks. Pets that spend a significant amount of time playing outdoors are more likely to have dirty or matted fur. This can quickly turn into a breeding ground for fleas and ticks, cautions Dr. Altman.

"Our goal is to keep pets healthy and active all year round," said Dr. Altman. "Regular professional grooming appointments can make a big difference for a pet's skin and coat health, in addition to decreasing the risk for overheating."

In between professional grooming sessions, Dr. Altman advises pet owners to be vigilant about checking their pet's coat for fleas and ticks. After a long day playing outside, Dr. Altman suggests having pets stand over a white towel. Pet owners can run a fine-tooth comb through their pets' fur. Any fleas will fall off and appear as dark specs on the towel. If ticks are found, they will need to be removed using sterilized tweezers. The veterinary care team at Animal Hospital of Onslow County can also remove ticks.

"Proactive care is essential to keeping pets healthy," says Dr. Altman. "Regular professional grooming is a small investment that can make a significant difference for a pet's wellbeing all summer long."

In addition to grooming, the animal hospital offers pet surgery, wellness care, dental, and surgery.

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