Mobile Game Chieftain Thrall Debuting in China

BEIJING, Aug. 25, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Chieftain Thrall, China's first 3D action card game based on World of Warcraft (WOW) debuts in App Store and ranked top five on the pay list on the launch day. It is reported that IOS public beta for this game will be officially launched on August 25, and free downloading will be available then for a limited period of time. This is another successful mobile game produced by Rekoo, which is Asia's leading mobile games company.

Chieftain Thrall is a mobile game integrating multiple classic and innovative playing methods, including PVP systems of arenas and BGs, micro-operations, cultivation of heroes, etc. Instead of the goofy fighting modes in traditional card games, Chieftain Thrall allows the player to choose the exact time to launch the techniques. The splendid attacks launched by your fingertips will crush any howling enemies. We believe that this game will then lead the torrent of WOW in the palm and enable more players to regain the exclusive sensation brought about by WOW!

Thanks to the constant technical innovation and development, the software and hardware bottlenecks once restricting the development of mobile games exist no more, and the mobile game industry is straightly catching up with client games. It is true that the United States currently has a large-scale mobile game market, but China boasts even greater market potential. There is no denial that Chinese mobile games will be increasingly valued and may even lead the global mobile game market in the future.

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