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The Most Valuable Comic Books

The $3.2 million just paid on eBay for the first issue of Action Comics (featuring Superman) makes it the most valuable comic book of all time. Previously, the record-holding comic was...another copy of the Action Comics No. 1 issue, which had sold in 2011 for more than $2.1 million, according to Harshen Patel of CGC, a comic book grading service. Along with baseball cards, comic books represent an important component of the collectibles market, and can prove to be quite profitable for collectors holding highly sought and rare items.

The "Golden Age" of comic books spanned from the late 1930s into the early 1950s and introduced most of the superhero and adventure characters that have become billion-dollar brands today. Among the most expensive comics are the ones that tell the story of a superhero's first adventures, but in order to carry a large price tag, they must also be in near-mint condition.

Rankings are from Nostomania, an online collectibles community, which draws near-mint valuations from CGC. Based on their rankings, some of the most expensive comic books can sell into the hundreds of thousands or even millions.

So, what are the most expensive comic books of all time? Click ahead to find out!

—By CNBC.com.
Posted August 25, 2014

Source: Nostomania/CGC