New Chip Scale ReadyMount(TM) EC LED Series From SemiLEDs

CHUNAN, Taiwan, Aug. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SemiLEDs Corporation (Nasdaq:LEDS), a global provider of vertical LED technology solutions, today announced sampling and mass production availability of its newest line of white chip scale packages, the ReadyMount Enhanced CSP, or EC series. By combining SemiLEDs' Enhanced Flip chip (EF) approach with the company's innovative ReadyWhite phosphor technology, the EC delivers unprecedented flexibility, reliability and manufacturability in a single 1.4 x 1.4mm low profile device. Rated for input power of up to 3W, the EC is a fully packaged white emitter SMD component, ready for surface mounting on any board level module or COB application, lowering capital costs and enabling extremely high lumen density configurations.

Mark Tuttle, General Manager for SemiLEDs Optoelectronics Co., Ltd., commented, "The new ReadyMount white chip scale package is leveraging a powerful synergy within SemiLEDs' broad technology portfolio to create an entirely new value point in the LED industry. Our unique Chip Scale Package (CSP) brings all the benefits of SemiLEDs' rugged EF Series FlipChip architecture to an extremely compact emitter, which is simple to integrate using standard tape and reel surface mount manufacturing. This innovation reduces final component cost up to 50%, with a packaging cost reduction of up to 80% over conventional packaging. EC Series products, such as the EC-W1414, enable system-integrators and luminaire manufacturers a direct path to a highly cost effective solution on a per-lumen basis now, with additional viewing angles and die sizes under development."

While useful for creating compact multi-die white packaged LEDs, the ReadyMount products will provide particular benefit to light-engine and luminaire manufacturers who have previously had to rely exclusively upon packaged die solutions. Incorporating SemiLEDs' EF Series FlipChip, the electrical contacts are moved to the bottom of the chip leaving an emitting surface that is uninterrupted by wire bonds or top-side electrodes. The result is a compact chip scale package, only 0.4mm high, which can produce outputs of up to 300 lumens at 1A. The SemiLEDs EC series is available in standard ReadyWhite correlated color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 10,000K with color rendering indices up to 90 minimum.

In addition to the manufacturing benefits of the chip scale package, elimination of the wire bonds also improves the optical integration characteristics by taking advantage of the unobstructed and nearly edge-to-edge emitting chip surface which enables the die to be mounted very close together. This simplifies the optics by eliminating the need for complex mixing lenses which are used to control ghosting and shadows in narrow beam applications. The glass top surface is also very mechanically robust, and is not prone to the handling damage or stresses faced by wire-bond or flip chips with a silicone covering. The typical 145 degree field of view also demonstrates good color-over-angle characteristics as a result of the ReadyWhite technology.

By enabling densely packed mounting with simplified optics, the SemiLEDs EC series is ideal for general lighting applications including indoor and outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, and torches/flashlights. The rugged architecture and compact size of the single white die are additionally well suited for mobile device flashes and LCD backlighting applications.

SemiLEDs' CSP series of LED chips is RoHS compliant with production quantities available now.

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