Shortage of pros benefits this stock: Cramer

Our nation's shortage of health care professionals is nothing to shout about. That is, unless you hold shares of this stock.

It's AMN Healthcare.

"AMN Healthcare is a company that provides healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services to hospitals and other entities," explained Jim Cramer.

And the need for more and more doctors, nurses and other professionals is keeping CEO Susan Salka and her team extremely busy, to say the least.

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"In our nursing business orders are up 80 percent over the prior year," Salka said. "We're seeing strong demand growth and we're projecting that to continue."

Largely Salka says 3 factors are contributing to the surge:
1) Improving economy.
2) Aging population
3) Obamacare

Salka says the growth has been widespread. "It's among all our clients of all shapes and sizes and in all parts of the country."

Jim Cramer found the statistics and Salka's commentary staggering. "People, we are at an inflection point in this country," he said.

The issues are serious and the need for health care professionals should only increase in days to come. "I'm worried we could, eventually, have a shortage," Cramer said.

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Looking at AMN Healthcare from a shareholder's perspective, Cramer thinks this environment should drive gains for some time to come. "We're at a point of inflection and although shares are up 30 percent over 3 months, they probably haven't moved enough given the demand outlook."

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