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Bull market crisis: Rosé runs dry in the Hamptons

MarkSwallow | E+ | Getty Images

Things aren't so rosé in the Hamptons this Labor Day.

Several hotspots across Long Island's playground for the rich have run low on both local and imported vintages of the pink wine, The New York Post reported Wednesday.

One locally-produced favorite, Wölffer Estate, has run low on supply thanks to the unquenchable thirst of Hamptonites who have been hitting the beaches hard all summer. Wölffer Estate has sold out its 2013 "Summer in a Bottle" Rosé, Grandioso Rosé, and 2010 Noblesse Oblige Sparkling Rosé.

For those who move fast, the vineyard still has some reserves of 2013 Wölffer Rosé. "We are getting very low, so it's hard to say how much longer we'll have it," the vineyard told the Post.

After a summer of bacchanals, the stock of Spanish favorite WattsUp Rosé has been drained at Montauk's Surf Lodge as well as Navy Beach. Moby's in East Hampton has also run down its supply of WattsUp.

One wine auctioneer suggested a little more open mindedness among the Hamptonites. In an email to CNBC Digital, Acker Merrall & Condit CEO John Kapon wrote, "There are more than six brands."

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