DockOn, a Wireless Technology Company, Closes $14M of Funding to Bring Quantal Core Technologies to Market

SAN DIEGO, Aug. 27, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DockOn, a global operations company, today announced the completion of a $14M funding round enabling market launch of the company's family of Quantal Core Technologies – a revolutionary low power and high sensitivity analogue radio receiver technology.

The funding, from a list of undisclosed international investors, clears all outstanding debt, funds the company for the foreseeable future and will allow DockOn's breakthrough Quantal Core Technologies to be brought to market. The revolutionary low power, highly sensitive radio receiver promises to transform wireless performance in markets as diverse as WiFi connectivity, wearables, medical implants, smart grid and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices as well as satellite receivers.

New investments will also be made in accelerating market penetration of DockOn's groundbreaking CPL antennas and Advanced Antenna Design Services.

Gregory Poilasne, CEO, said, "The market is excited about DockOn's breakthrough technologies and this funding gives us muscle to drive the business to the next level. Over the next few months, we expect to announce a number of new contracts and development agreements with leading technology companies."

"This endorsement from Shareholders around the world emphasizes the tremendous market opportunity for DockOn's radical new Quantal Core Technologies," says Andy Green, Chairman. "Digital technology is running out of road and our revolutionary new, low power analogue radio receiver technology is the next industry leap."

About DockOn

DockOn is a global wireless technology company, with offices in Europe, US and Far East, that licenses high performance, high reliability front ends and antenna design for high volume applications. DockOn Tools and Design Services also help customers accelerate their products' time to market. DockOn's CPL solutions provide true improvements in antenna performance, cost effectiveness and ease of manufacture while its Quantal Core Technologies drastically reduces power consumption and improves sensitivity. DockOn solutions, in volume production today, support a full range of fixed and mobile wireless applications, including WiFi connectivity devices, smart meters, medical devices and other M2M technologies.

Notes to Editors:

DockOn Inc. is a wholly owned US subsidiary of DockOn AG – together DockOn. The primary operations base for DockOn is San Diego, California and services customers in the US, Europe and Asia.

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