CEO Reveals the Key Business Secrets to Attaining Sustained Pretax Profits to Invest in Future Innovations

DALLAS, Sept. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cameron J. McConnell, CEO and Founder of the McConnell Group, LLC, reveals the key business secrets to attaining sustainable pretax profits to invest in future innovations in his new book "Build to Prosper: Secrets for Sustained Profitability" (Brown Books Publishing Group).

Through innovative thinking, McConnell provides business executives with the essentials to get started, and the leverage necessary to return a business back to prosperity. He teaches readers how to develop and implement an action plan that returns businesses to earning sustained pretax profits while referencing real-life cases such as J.C. Penney.

Based on thirty-five years of experience helping business owners break patterns that have derailed their businesses from "tracks of profitability," McConnell discloses eight economic theories that have trapped value in an owner's business:

• Customer Trust
• Customer Loyalty
• Reliable customer service
• Reasonably priced merchandise
• Dependable seasonal sales programs giving customers excellent discounted prices
• Great customer demographics in many areas of the United States
• A multitude of great store locations
• Many veteran management and supervision personnel who promoted customer service

Then he provides readers with a ten-step Business Modeling Methodology (BMM) for unlocking innovation for the future.

"'Build to Prosper' is for any owner who wants to add value to a company through innovation," says Clay Hightower, Business Development Director, Rotork Gears.

A contributing columnist to the internationally recognized "EMM - Expert Marketer Magazine" out of Maarkedal, Belgium, McConnell's Business Method Methodology dispels the previously touted economic theory of return on investment (ROI) as no longer relevant. He also discloses that break-even theory and associated incremental margin contribution by increased sales volume are the cause of marginalized businesses.

McConnell uncovers the real values in a business––"intellectual properties"––that provide the leverage necessary to return a business back to prosperity.

"Everyone can benefit from these lessons combining a wealth of experience and applied innovation thinking," says Ruth Whitaker, Chief Executive, Mission Aviation Fellowship, UK.

"Build to Prosper" is the new manual for innovation. It offers executives the leverage necessary to return a business back to prosperity. "The timing of 'Build to Prosper' could not be more relevant for business owners and management teams today," says Greg Carasik, Executive Vice President, Director, Marquette Business Credit. "The principles shared in this book have resulted in a number of my clients either stabilizing their business or returning the business to the profitability it deserves."

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About the Author

Cameron J. McConnell is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Build to Prosper, a division of the McConnell Group, LLC. MGLLC is a consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners earn sustained pretax profits that are reinvested in innovation. Cam has pioneered the Business Method Methodology (BMM), a ten-step business plan tool that for thirty-five years has proved consistently to help business owners build their business. From his first job with IBM through his work as a CPA for KPMG to serving as CEO for Purex Industries aeromotive subsidiary, Cam has honed his business savvy. Today Cam's vision remains to assist business owners to return to the "Prosperity Curve."

Cam and his wife Ginny live in Southern California. They have children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren in the United States, England, and Nepal.

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