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Apple gives feedback to app developers

Apple's app standards

The newest version of Apple's mobile operating system is expected next week, and the tech giant has shed new light on what app developers can do to better ensure that their apps make it to the App Store.

The list of grievances that keep apps from making it into iPhone users' hands include easily fixable but common enough problems: app bugs and crashes, broken links and apps' being submitted for review with dummy text instead of finalized text.

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Some of the descriptions that developers have provided to Apple have also been misleading or incomplete, according to the company.

But some hindrances are less clear, according to Dan Costa, editor-in-chief at

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"Some of them are sort of softer, touchy-feely things that really give Apple a lot of control. If Apple doesn't think the interface is up to snuff and works well with its iOS, it will reject the app," Costa said. "Apple still doesn't tell individual developers why they're rejecting, but now, at least developers know why they're rejecting many apps," Costa added.

By CNBC's Althea Chang.