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Cramer: Football lovers make good stock pickers?

Cramer's fantasy stock TE: MMM
Cramer's fantasy stock TE: MMM

Like to game Fantasy Football? Then, you may love picking stocks.

Jim Cramer has found a lot of similarities. And with the season kicking off this week, "I figured it would be a good time to harness your love of sports in order to help you become better at picking stocks," Cramer said.

Kicking things off, (pun intended), Cramer said just as every draft card needs a good tight end, every portfolio needs a tight end equivalent.

"This is the most flexible position on the field, a player who can run, block and also catch passes," he said. "In short, you want a stock that plays like Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. In my view, that's 3M." (Note: Cramer drafted Graham for his Fantasy team.)

Cramer says 3M can make gains in all kinds of environments. "Although it's an industrial, it serves diverse end markets that aren't particularly cyclical."

And like Graham, 3M can play defense, too. "Just as Graham can block, 3M can defend your portfolio from an economic blitz with its 2.4 percent yield and a history of dividend increase that stems 56 consecutive years."

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Of course, a strong tight end is only one component of a winning team. Wide receivers are also critical, on both the line of scrimmage and in the portfolio.

"Wide receivers are the guys you throw the ball to when you need to make a big play. They're the fastest men on the field, and a good wide receiver pretty much has glue for fingers," Cramer explained. "So in stock market terms, wide receivers are your go-to momentum names, stocks of well-run companies that potentially have lots of upside."

If you're picking players Cramer likes Green Bay's Jordy Nelson and if you're picking stocks he likes Tesla, as the wide receiver equivalent.

"Last year Tesla rallied from $32 to $250, however, in 2014 it's been on a bit of a roller coaster ride. I think Jordy Nelson could relate. His value took a major hit last year. But ultimately, Nelson came back, setting new career bests."

Cramer thinks 2014 could be another record year, for Nelson and Tesla, too. "There are still plenty of potential pitfalls, but if Tesla can dominate its game, I see it going still higher."

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Or, if you don't like those picks, you could go another way, entirely.

"I also like Demaryius Thomas, the unassailable wide receiver for the Broncos who's one of the most consistent players out there. You know what else looks unassailable? Netflix."

Cramer is bullish Netflix because the company has transformed the way media is consumed. Not only does Netflix make it convenient to binge watch favorite TV shows, it's also constantly adding new content, some of which is being recognized for excellence by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

"It's a huge competitive advantage. And it reminds me a lot of Demaryius Thomas. When you're built with a 6'4", 230 pound body of pure muscle and athleticism, you've got a natural competitive advantage that can't be duplicated."

Last but not least, Cramer said if you want a blockbuster player that still has a ton of unrealized potential take a look at A.J. Green of the Cincinnati Bengals; and while you're at it take a look at Regeneron.

"Regeneron has a lot in common with A.J. Green. In the last two years, Regeneron's stock has more than doubled, while Green has recorded back-to-back seasons of double digit touchdown catches. And despite the performances, I think both Regeneron and Green still have a ton of unrealized potential."

Cramer's WR stock pick: TSLA, NFLX, REGN
Cramer's WR stock pick: TSLA, NFLX, REGN

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