INFRAWARE's Free 'POLARIS(R) Office' App presents support for Google's Chromecast

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Infraware Inc.'s free mobile office application, Polaris Office, has reached 3 million worldwide registered users within four months of its April 21st launch. Polaris Office is Infraware's flagship product for phones, tablets, and everything in between, which provides Microsoft Office compatibility along with a multitude of document editing tools and document sharing functions.

Infraware has published an application that is not only powerful and dynamic, but also free. Users can import and edit documents from other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive and have them actively backed up on their Polaris Office Cloud. Furthermore, Polaris Office allows multiple device synchronization so as to not restrict their users from being able to completely work efficiently and unimpeded.

Polaris Office addresses the need to be able to edit documents, create presentations, or calculate finances on spreadsheets on smart phones and tablets either on the go or offline. With entrepreneurs, students, and office teams in mind, Infraware has released a powerful, functional and free tool to make this possible. The cloud function allows for uninterrupted work between home and the office and back up for the sake of security. Additionally its offline functions allow for continuous work in times data isn't available or wanted.

Concurrent with their user milestone is the release of Chromecast support on Android devices. Beyond simply screensharing, Polaris Office has created a user interface to use Chromecast with Polaris Office as a presentation tool controlling pages, slides, and general viewing from the user's device. This way phone calls, texts, or any other notification won't interrupt your spreadsheet, document, or Powerpoint presentations. By supporting Chromecast, Polaris Office becomes a more powerful tool for users to deliver presentations, hold meetings, or pitch to clients all from just their mobile device.

Finally, a notable aspect of Polaris Office is their customer support. Their support team seems to quickly address user feedback through their customer support page, as well as Google Play store reviews. In this way Polaris Office strives to tailor their office application to meet the needs and concerns of all its users.

CONTACT: Jonathan Song Infraware, Inc. Inc.