Moto 360 sells out despite tough reviews

A look at Motorola's watch

Despite tough reviews that questioned its battery life and the usefulness of its round screen, the Moto 360 smartwatch sold out within an hour of its launch on Friday.

The watch went on sale at 12 p.m. ET on Google's online store, Best Buy's website and Motorola's web page. By 1 p.m. all three sites were out of both available models, with no indication of when more would be available.

That despite a series of reviews which were less than kind.

"It almost looks like I grabbed a clock off the wall and strapped it to my arm," wrote The Wall Street Journal's Joanna Stern, who lamented not only the size but the watch's limited battery. (She said it had to be recharged by midafternoon most days).

While USA Today called the watch's wireless charging cradle "charming," it was also quick to add that "not so charming is the battery life," which came in at about a day.

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Technology site The Verge was had plenty of praise, but it was savage on the battery life.

"My watch now dies before my phone does, and that's unacceptable. I've already spent too much time wearing a dead Moto 360, and good-looking a bracelet as it is, that's not what I'm spending $249 for," reviewer David Pierce wrote.

The Verge also took some issue with the round display, perhaps the watch's defining feature.

"Motorola loves to talk about what an engineering accomplishment the round screen is, but there's work left to be done," Pierce wrote, adding "Google may technically support round displays with Android Wear, but the 360 provides constant confirmation that this operating system was designed with rectangles in mind."

Motorola revealed the watch in March, when its former parent Google took the wraps off its Android Wear watch platform. Since then, the 360 has been presumed the watch to beat in the nascent market.

Even though Android Wear watches from LG and Samsung have been on the market for two months, polls on Android fan sites generally find that about two-thirds of readers were waiting for the 360 to arrive. Google even promised attendees at its June developer conference that it would send them 360s when it launched.

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The watch also came in for a shellacking on Twitter, especially those noting the looming Apple event Tuesday, at which it is expected to unveil its own smartwatch.

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