Alleged iWatch specs leak online

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Ahead of Apple's highly-anticipated Tuesday event, images have surfaced online of alleged component drawings and specs for the company's new wearable tech, the iWatch.

According to, a site that tracks Apple news and updates, the images are watermarked by Quanta, a longtime manufacturing partner of Apple.

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The leaked images were first posted on Monday. Based on the source, the device will be waterproof up to 20 meters, have battery life that lasts a day, and will not include charging ports, indicating that Apple may be unveiling a wireless charging solution. The source also alleges that the iWatch will come in four colors and two sizes totaling eight different models.

These images are currently unconfirmed.

Apple is scheduled to hold a press event on Tuesday in which it is expected that they will unveil the wearable tech. However, some reports suggest that the product might not launch until next year.

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—By CNBC Staff