Patient-Empowerment: New White Paper from Netsmart Provides a Roadmap to Building Recovery-Oriented Services

GETTYSBURG, Pa., Sept. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We're in the "me age." The age of the individual. The age of the consumer. Healthcare and healthcare information technology (HIT) communities are not immune to this shift. There is a growing realization that care needs to be more patient-centric and patient empowering.

For the behavioral health community, building on recovery-oriented practices is the key to patient-empowered services. In this white paper, Dennis Morrison, Ph.D., Chief Clinical Officer, Netsmart and Roy Starks, M.A., Vice President of Rehabilitation Services and Reaching Recovery, Mental Health Center of Denver, offer insight into this shift toward patient-centered care, including the challenges and opportunities it presents and tips for shifting your organization to build the recovery-focused services of the future.

Netsmart is providing this white paper titled, "The Recovery Movement: As The Mental Health Community Shifts To A More Patient-Empowered Model, Clinicians Find New Ways To Provide Services, Support," free of charge to OPEN MINDS members and health and human services executives via the OPEN MINDS Circle Library. Download the white paper free today at:


Netsmart is committed to helping health and human services providers deliver effective, recovery-based care with Netsmart CareFabric™, a tightly woven framework of innovative clinical and business solutions and services that supports integrated, coordinated delivery of health services across the spectrum of care.

More than 23,000 client organizations, including 450,000 care providers and more than 40 state systems use Netsmart solutions to help improve the quality of life for more than 25 million people each day. Netsmart clients include mental health and addiction services agencies, health homes, psychiatric hospitals, private and group mental health practices, public health departments, social services and child and family health agencies, managed care organizations, and vital records offices.


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