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Sweet kicks: $865 Buscemi sneakers build a brand

Buscemi Brand's luxury consumer view

Sported by such A-list names as Justin Bieber, Sean Combs and Kanye West, Buscemi's $865-a-pair handmade high-tops are all the rage.

But chances are your nearest department store doesn't stock them.

On CNBC's "Halftime Report," Buscemi co-founder Jon Buscemi said that's just the way he likes it.

"I think the magic mix that we have at the Buscemi brand is: We make shoes in Civitanova, Italy, at a very, very high quality, but we only make a few, and they're few and far between in our distribution," he said. "So, we have a few stores in each country. And that's our plan, to keep it very limited and very high quality."

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Source: Buscemi | Facebook

The company launched with $100,000 used to build a website and manufacture 600 pairs, which sold out within days, according to The Wall Street Journal. In January, it released an additional 4,000 pairs.

"What we like to do is make enough just to get into the market and to have that scarcity factor," Buscemi told CNBC. "We're building a brand. We want it to be around for a while."

Hot on social media, Buscemi footwear has seen a boost from celebrities posting images of their kicks for the world to see.

Rap mogul Sean Combs teased his 9.9 million Twitter followers with a photo of his chocolate-colored "100mm" sneakers, which feature 18k gold-plated locks and a matching key.

Sean Combs tweets about his Buscemi sneakers

Kanye West had a custom pair made for baby North.

North West's Buscemi sneakers

And when pop phenom Justin Bieber shared a photo of his visit to the company's offices, the brand gained 30,000 Instagram followers "in about 24 hours," Buscemi said.

Bieber boost for luxury Buscemi shoes

Shoes account for the bulk of the company's business, but Buscemi is adding headwear and a full line of accessories for the fall.

Buscemi credited the big couture houses for feeding high-end appetites.

"A lot of this energy comes from the European fashion houses, the Guccis, the Pradas, the Louis Vuittons," he said. "I think why we're having so much success is we're fresh, we're new, we're from the U.S., we have a different spin, we have a different point of view. And I don't think price matters when the quality is this high. These shoes are made in the best manufacturing facilities in Italy, hands down.

"And $800, $1,600, $6,000—there is no threshold in this market."

By CNBC's Bruno J. Navarro.