Best bet after iPhone 6 launch isn't Apple: Hickey

While investors might be better off investing in the tech sector than Apple, both have historically underperformed the S&P 500 over the following three months after any iPhone introduction, Paul Hickey said Tuesday.

Shares of Apple remained relatively flat—closing at $97.99, down 0.38 percent—as the tech giant announced two new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the Apple Watch.

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On CNBC's "Fast Money," Hickey said Apple wasn't likely to see big moves anytime soon.

"In the short term, Apple stock is typically weak," said Hickey, co-founder of Bespoke Investment Group. "It averages a decline of about half a percent one week later, almost 2 percent a month later. But the thing to keep in mind is that tech also underperforms the S&P 500 to a lesser degree—and the S&P 500 isn't exactly strong.

"For all three, Apple, the tech sector and the S&P 500, you've only seen positive returns twice in the month after these unveils."

By CNBC's Leanne Miller