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— This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on September 9, Tuesday.

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Check out this chart of Netflix..

The stock has gone gangbusters in the last 5 years, over a THOUSAND percent from its $40-odd dollar days to its current...$475...

But not everyone's going crazy for this stock.

Dominic Chu takes a look at some other stocks that analysts aren't that hot about.

Analysts aren't always bullish on the stock market.

So, we decided to take a look at which stocks analysts are the most bearish on.

There are around 30 stocks in the current S&P 500 index of large cap stocks that have an average analyst price target that predict at least a 3% drop from current levels.

For instance, there's packaged food giant Kellogg, which makes some of the most popular cereal brands in America, like Corn Flakes and Fruit loops.

Analysts who cover Kellogg stock have an average target price of around $63 per share.

If they're right, that means a possible 3% drop for those shares.

Some experts blame changing customer buying patterns.

On the other hand, some stocks have staged huge upside moves just so far in 2014.

That's the case with athletic apparel maker Under Armour.

Shares have gained an eye popping 65% year to date.

As a result, analysts have an average target price that's 6% below where its currently trading.

In other words, Under Armour stock has already blown by analyst price targets.

And the S&P 500 company that could fall the most based on analyst target prices is office supply giant Staples.

It's had to deal with stiffer competition from the likes of Walmart and

And weaker spending on traditional office supplies like paper and printer ink.

Analysts think this stock could drop by 12 percent if their average target price is correct.

Analysts are always looking at new reasons to change their investment outlook and target prices.

Now, it's up to them to figure out whether anything has changed about these companies to warrant a more positive outlook.

For more on where analysts have more bullish and bearish price targets, check out

Back to you guys…

So while the S&P 500 may be trading in record territory...

There still will always be those bunch of stocks that analysts love to hate.

I'm Qian Chen, reporting from CNBC's Asian headquarters.

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