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Most anticipated Apple product not an iPhone: Expert

Apple's most anticipated new product

It's widely expected that Apple will unveil bigger-screen iPhones at its much-anticipated event Tuesday, but phones aren't what consumers are most looking forward to, according to one tech expert.

"Without a doubt, people are expecting a wearable device," said Jeremy Rosenberg, head of digital at Allison+Partners. "Whether it's a watch, or some other wrist-worn device, a large format device, call it a phablet or something else, seems to be a foregone conclusion from all the leaks that are circulating. But a wearable is what people will be watching for most," Rosenberg added.

Apple CEO Tim Cook at an Apple Store in Palo Alto, Calif.
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Regardless of what the biggest hit will be coming out of the event, Apple needs to reveal a product that will restore consumers' and investors' faith in the brand, Rosenberg said.

"After a somewhat lackluster response to the last reveal, I think Apple does need this. They need to re-establish themselves as a leader in innovation. There has arguably been a year of stagnation, largely with respect to form-factors from Apple. Sure the specs have improved, there is more quality jammed into less space, but there hasn't been a true game changer," Rosenberg said.

One question that lingers is whether Apple's new products will appeal to the average consumer as opposed to the high-end consumer and early adopters.

"By most accounts, the [iPhone] 5C has been a relative failure. It didn't capture the scale of success, and many Android phones outpaced it in performance," Rosenberg said.