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New Apple gadgets: What blew Cramer away?

Apple should be owned, not traded: Cramer
Apple should be owned, not traded: Cramer

Typically Cramer doesn't get terribly excited by new product launches. However, when they're new products from Apple, well that's a different story.

And on Tuesday, Apple introduced new gadgets that Cramer found very exciting; in fact, Cramer thinks some of the new features could be game changers.

Apple Watch
Source: Apple Inc.

First, he's excited by the potential of, a near-field-communication-based payment system built into both the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which keeps a user's various debit and credit card information within the phone.

"I hate my credit cards. I love my iPhone," said Cramer, suggesting the convenience factor could drive sales significantly. Several major retailers have already agreed to accept Apple Pay, including McDonald's, Whole Foods, Starbucks and Disney. "I don't know how Apple did it," Cramer said, "but I came away thinking that anyone who takes MasterCard or Visa is going to take my iPhone."

Also Cramer is very enthusiastic about the health and wellness features of the . "I know there were tons of bells and whistles about dictation, pictures, music and more, but it's the wearable health features that I love."

Cramer thinks that feature plays right into a trend he often talks about; people want to live a healthier lifestyle. "Do you think that the natural and organic movement is just a craze? It's not. The new watch not only reflects the health obsessed nature of the younger generation, it leverages it."

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Of course, Cramer realizes many of the innovations announced today had been rumored for quite some time. And there were some disappointments too; for example the watch won't be available for the holidays. However, all told, Cramer thinks the positives far outweigh any negatives.

"Today's introductions say to me that Apple is, again, a true serial innovator. The amazingness of the new products makes me feel like Apple's still headed higher over time, which is why my bottom line remains, that you should own, not trade, the stock of Apple, the most innovative company of our time, if not all time."


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