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Think Houdini could pick a bluetooth padlock?

Securing the future lock and key


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  • A bluetooth padlock that automatically syncs with smartphone app.
  • Simply press the shackle, and Noke searches for your phone from pocket or purse (auto-unlock can be disabled).
  • Can be used for lockers, bicycles and shared by multiple individuals (including office teams).
  • Has raised over $520,000, surpassing a $100,000 goal.
The Noke padlock by Fuz uses a signal sent via Bluetooth to your smartphone to secure your valuables, making traditional padlocks and keys a thing of the past.
Source: FUZ Designs


  • A sensor that can be placed on or in any object to detect changes in motion, acceleration, light, moisture, temperature and proximity.
  • Sends an alert to phone or via email. 
  • Uses: "locking" the liquor and pill cabinets, preventing lost pets and misplaced possessions, securing your home, avoiding appliance malfunction/water damage.
  • Has raised just north of $39,000 of a $40,000 goal.
The Oval sensor can be placed on any object to detect even the slightest change in motion, acceleration, light, moisture, temperature or proximity. If disturbed, an alert is sent to your phone or email.
Source: OVAL