Tinder marketing chief resigns in wake of sexual harassment lawsuit


Without admitting wrongdoing, Tinder, a dating app start-up, has officially resolved a pending sexual harassment suit filed by one of its ex-employees. However, one of the targeted executives has left the company.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Whitney Wolfe, who describes herself as a Tinder co-founder, lodged the suit in June against two male superiors stating that they pressured her to resign and directed threatening and disparaging comments at her.

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Wolfe named Sean Rad, the chief executive, and Justin Mateen, the chief marketing officer, as offenders and sought damages including lost wages and stock options.

Mateen and Wolfe had been in a relationship prior to the court filing. Wolfe described Mateen as making "sexist, racist, and otherwise inappropriate comments, emails and text messages."

Attorney David Lowe said, "This wasn't the first case and this won't be the last case with allegations of women being treated badly at technology companies."

By staff